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Alleged brothel bust in upscale neighborhood

February 28, 2007
Alleged brothel bust in upscale neighborhood

Sandra Chemero, 46, charged with prostitution
(Bedford Hills - WABC) - It's stunning not only because of where it happened, but also what it offered.

Police say the madam of the house was also a dominatrix and even had a dungeon in the home. That home is a mansion on a sprawling four-acre site in Bedford Hills, and being rented to the alleged dominatrix by a religious Jewish group, which apparently knew nothing about the alleged activities.
Eyewitness News reporter Jeff Rossen has details.

Rich or not, you never really know your neighbors. On a block full of glitz and glamour is a home police say is full of whips and chains.

The alleged dominatrix is 46-year-old Sandra Chemero, of 235 Haines Road. And police say wasn't too discreet about it. She apparently even used a Web site to lead people to the home.

The Web site showed pictures of whips, chains and other dominatrix tools, even a torture chair. Sprinkled in was a shot of her kitchen set that looks as American as apple pie. This is not your typical brothel.

"Whaaatt?" one are resident said.

"It takes all kinds, you never know," said another.

"Oh, I know about that," one man said. "I'm not saying nothing about that."

Authorities say they were tipped off by a neighbor who tipped off the cops with an anonymous letter complaining about the amount of people coming and going from an extravagant home.

An undercover officer went to the house, confirmed the sex-for-money operation and returned with a search warrant.

"I can't recall another type of case like this in my memory," a police veteran said.

Investigators then seized business records, computer files and even a stun gun. It was, they say, an exclusive business with a client list limited to 50 people.

Chemero was charged with two misdemeanor counts of prostitution and criminal possession of a weapon, for the stun gun. She was released with an appearance ticket and is expected to be in court on March 8th.

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