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History of New York

Manhattan - New York    
New York has been named many times. The first name, Mannahatta, or Manhattan, was given by the American Indians. When the Dutch moved in, it was called New Amsterdam. 1664 was the first time it was called New York by British settlers. Around the 1920's, New York was called the Big Apple by actors and musicians. In 1971, the nickname gained publicity when used to enhance tourism. Manhattan is an island 13.4 miles long and 2.3 miles at its widest. Finding your way is simple as roads are laid out in a grid pattern above 14 th Street. Avenues run North to South, and streets run East to West. One-way 5th Avenue marks the dividing line of the East and West side. Below 14th street, use map, as this area built on before the grid pattern was established.